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Venny Hinx’s identity was stolen when she got her taxes done by another tax service. As a result, Venny’s tax return was stolen and she never received her tax refund. Venny then went to Personal Solutions Tax Services and explained what happened. Thinking proactively, Mr. Hawkins, owner of PSTS alerted her of the possibility that her following year return could be stolen. Sure enough, he was right. Venny tax returns for two years were stolen, resulting in a loss of almost $8,000. This single mother, needing every penny owed to her, found herself in a major bind. Mr. Hawkins at PSTS corrected the problem by sending in proper documentation and two days before Christmas, Venny received TWO CHECKS!! She was able to recoup the entire loss thanks to the expert knowledge at Personal Solutions Tax Service. The perpetrators were pursued by authorities. Venny and her family were able to enjoy Christmas. This was about six years ago and Venny has been a loyal customer ever since.
Venny Hinx
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Aisha is a Registered Nurse in the state of Oklahoma. In that state, RNs are not able to renew their licence until all their taxes are paid and current. If you owe taxes, you cannot renew your license, which means you cannot work which would likely result in loss of income. That could be detrimental. Fearing a large tax bill, Aisha put off filing her taxes. She got to a point where she had to file to avoid losing her nursing license. Aisha came to the experts at Personal Solutions Tax Services for help. She was convinced she would owe thousands of dollars and even though she had no idea how she would pay it, she knew she had to file her taxes. Mr. Hawkins, at PSTS prepared her taxes using his in depth knowledge of tax laws, not only did Aisha not owe thousands of dollars in taxes, SHE RECEIVED A REFUND! Aisha was able to renew her RN license on time, avoiding any loss of income. Plus, over the next three years, Aisha received over $15,000 in tax returns. She has been a loyal customer ever since.
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